Thoughts On Having A Hitty Doll
I have never been interested in playing with dolls. My mother would have loved it if I had as she provided me with a beautiful handmade wardrobe for a Terry Lee doll that I gave away when I was nine. My daughter never played with dolls either and my mother furnished a miniature house but had no interest in dolls.
Then came Hitty. Perhaps it is her size that she is able to travel; or the book by Rachel Field that made her popular, or that many people today play with Hitty on the internet. Whatever the appeal, my mother acquired a Hitty doll, and from time to time my brother and I take her on adventures, and not necessarily the kind that a proper doll would have! We've had so much fun creating mischief with Mom's Hitty I seriously considered buying him one for Christmas!
Once my brother and I took a road trip across the country and we took Hitty along thinking Mom would be more interested in our pictures if Hitty was in them. Everyday we would email photos to her showing our progress. Because we had never traveled the vast distances in this country by truck, we misjudged the timing of our arrival at the Devil's Tower. We arrived in the dark and rain and couldn't even make out it's shape from the parking lot! We needed to keep moving, so the next morning we stopped at a diner for breakfast, bought some postcards and photographed Hitty at the Devil's Tower on the counter. What a sight we were, sitting near the home of the famous Sturgis motorcycle rally playing with a doll!
Now that I have Hitty Moonbeam, who sits in a rocking chair on my desk, I wonder if she will be happy without a beautiful blog or gorgeous doll house. I am not an artist, a dreamer, a crafter or much taken to imaginary play (unless of course it involves model trains or villages!). I enjoy my simple home, being outdoors and helping others to make music. I love projects like doing my family tree and preserving our family's old photographs; maintaining the records and history of my Quaker meeting and creating this website using only my iPad. Yes, I expect that Hitty Moonbeam and I will be gentle with ourselves and just go lightly where we are led.
I may not have turned out to be a princess, but now I can "play dolls" with my Mom, and borrow her (doll) clothes, use her stuff and otherwise enjoy all things Hitty with her! Life is good.

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