Mehitabel, the ancestor of modern Hittys, was discovered in the window of an antique store in New York City, became the subject of an award winning book in 1929 "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years".
She is carved from a piece of Mountain Ash and now resides in the Stockbridge Library Museum in Massachusetts.

"Hitty" is still a popular doll to this day and has an impressive following.
Hitty Moonbeam is the creation of doll artist Gail Wilson who specializes in producing "antique" doll collections. A visit to her home and workshop in New Hampshire shows the fruits of her creative energy.
Instead of carving each Hitty individually, as many doll carvers do, Gail Wilson made one doll for herself then reproduced it. Her favorite part of creating a Hitty is painting its face.
And so it happened that Mrs.B, who was never interested in dolls, decided to acquire a "Hitty". Within nanoseconds the realization came to her as she was confronted by all things Hitty, was that she would also require clothes - underwear, outerwear, night wear, and dresses - for inside, outside, work and play! And stuff - a chair, a travel case, a box to keep everything ....
And so the adventures begin!
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