My Arrival At Mrs.B's
Hitty Moonbeam
I am Hitty Moonbeam and I arrived at my new home in November 2013. Mrs.B commented how one little wooden doll could have so much stuff upon arrival was just amazing, but upon looking around me, my new home looks like an L.L.Bean warehouse inhabited by techies so I guess I will fit right in!
I am told that I am part of an extended family of Hittys and that my ancestry goes back to a Mehitabel, carved from a piece of mountain ash in the early 1800s.
Once I was unpacked and dressed, I was warmly greeted by visiting Hittys who presented me with a rocking chair. I understand that we will be visiting them from time to time and that they lead a very charming life.
Mrs.B says we will share adventures traveling as well as those of the mind, and tell the stories of people and places that might otherwise go unnoticed.
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