A Trip to Williamsburg at Christmastime and Lunch at the Kings Arms Tavern
Colonial Williamsburg is a special place during the Winter Holidays. Christmas decorations are made from the natural materials that grow in the area. There is a wreath upon each house and a candle in every window. Mrs.B tells me that we will be visiting Williamsburg often and there are many interesting things to see.

Mrs. B's favorite place to eat Is the King's Arms Tavern because they serve peanut soup and strawberry meringues!
As we left the tavern through the back door, I was very happy that no one had ordered lamb!
I had never been out to lunch before so I just sat quietly at the table.
Soon a man came around playing tunes on a very small fiddle called a pochette, which is the French name for a small violin that fits in a pocket. He was so impressed at my attention that he allowed me to sit on his arm while he played!
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